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Getting the best from your Wacom Intuos Pro

One Day Course


If you’re confident using both Illustrator and Photoshop and you’ve invested in a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet, but still find yourself reaching for the keyboard to implement shortcuts—then this is the course for you!

Developed specifically for intermediate-level users of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, this hands-on course explores the most effective way of customising the Wacom Intus Pro tablet and Grip Pen in conjunction with those applications.

You’ll learn how to optimise the Grip Pen, assign shortcuts to Express Keys, customise the Touch Ring options, and create Radial menus to speed up your workflow and limit reliance on keyboard shortcuts. As an added bonus, you might find yourself gathering a few additional tips on working effectively and efficiently in both Photoshop and Illustrator.

Introducing the Wacom Intuos Pro

  • Benefits of using a Wacom Intuos Pro
  • Installing the tablet
  • Changing the Pen Nib

Customising your Wacom Intuos Pro

  • Taking advantage of the ExpressKeys
  • Setting options for the Touch Ring
  • Customising the Radial menu
  • Setting sensitivity options for the Grip Pen
  • Assigning functions to the Grip Pen buttons
  • Customising the Eraser functions
  • Setting Express Key orientation
  • Choosing between Pen and Mouse Mode
  • Controlling Tablet Mapping options
  • Customising Touch options


Optimising your Wacom Intuos Pro for Adobe Illustrator

  • Adding application functionality to your Wacom Intuos Pro
  • Creating Illustrator-specific ExpressKeys
  • Assigning Touch Ring options
  • Customising the Radial Menu for Illustrator
  • Optimising Grip Pen functionality for Illustrator

Using your Grip Pen with Adobe Illustrator

  • Drawing with the Blob Brush
  • Using the Pencil and Brush tool
  • Setting pressure sensitivity options for the Art brushes
  • Customising options for the Calligraphic brushes
  • Cleaning up your illustrations with the Eraser
  • Using the Bristle Brush with your Grip Pen

Optimising your Wacom Intuos Pro for Adobe Photoshop

  • Adding application functionality to your Wacom tablet
  • Assigning Photoshop-specific ExpressKeys
  • Optimising Photoshop-specific Touch Ring options
  • Setting quick options for the Radial Menu for Photoshop
  • Customising Grip Pen functionality for Photoshop


Using your Grip Pen with Adobe Photoshop

  • Using pressure sensitivity to control Brush size
  • Controlling Brush opacity and flow options
  • Creating and using custom brushes utilising the Grip Pen’s
  • Understanding tilt sensitivity options
  • Painting with the Natural Tip brushes
  • Blending with the Mixer Brush
  • Using Erodible brushes to add texture and detail